''I was born in a deep, dark burrow that mum and dad worked together to dig many years ago. No other puffin dared to come into our burrow.''

''I was very happy growing up. Mum and dad looked after me very well. I was never hungry, so I quickly grew out of my down.''

''Around this time I experienced the first great sorrow of my life. My mother told me that I was now so grown up I would have to look after myself''

''I didn’t dare go out until it was starting to get dark. Mum had warned me about all sorts of fierce, predatory birds, that would eat little pufflings if they caught them!''

''I saw myself reflected in the glass and didn’t realise who it was at first! In one window I saw many birds. They stood motionless like fossils and didn’t answer my calls...''

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