“Creativity takes courage” Henri Matisse
Hello and welcome! I´m Gunnar Juliusson.
Thank you for visiting and viewing my work. I am a graphic designer and illustrator in Iceland. I´ve been freelance since 2007, working for various clients on a wide range of graphics, illustrations, art work as well as directing graphic and web projects.
Feel free to contact me / gunnar@dinamit.is / (+354) 844 0806

2007- Dínamít ehf: Owner. Art direction, Graphic Design, Illustrations, Presentations, Caricature, Storyboards, Art.
2007-2012 freelance for LazyTown, an Icelandic children's educational musical comedy program, and Nordic Games. Nordic Games is a distributor, licensee and production company:
Art direction, graphic design, package design,
2005-2007 LazyTown:
Graphic design, web design, art direction and quality control. Communicated with freelancers, partners, retailers, local and International markets regarding development of various LazyTown projects and products. Managed product brochures, DVD Menus, presentations and partner access to shared databases.
1999-2005 PTG Pershing Technology Group, Pershing LLC, Jersey City, New Jersey, USA. Subsidary of the Bank of New York Mellon, in Jersey City, USA:
Art direction and design on many Pershing and PTG Pershing Technology Group conferences and presentations. Team leader, Lead Designer and project manager in PTG Pershing Technology Group´s Multimedia Team. Managed graphic updates on many of Pershing´s products for financial organizations.
1994-1998 The Icelandic Ad Agency, Iceland:
Graphic Design, ads, Illustrations, storyboards and front-end web design

1988-1992 BA in Graphic Design from Myndlista- og Handíðaskóla Íslands (Now Listaháskóli
Íslands, Iceland Academy of the Arts, www.lhi.is.)
1984-1987 College Menntaskólinn Laugarvatni.
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